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Why choose Xpertsolver?

Xpertsolver has a vast pool of trusted and experienced academic experts from almost all disciplines. Each expert is added into the database after a well defined procedure and interview. We concentrate on the quality of the work being provided. Each task is thoroughly checked and assigned to the suitable expert within an hour after uploading. The solution or services provided by the expert are reviewed by our Quality Assurance Team before handing over to you.

How to place an order on our website? 

On Xpertsolver home screen, simply click on the submit heading or click on the “How can I get my order” button and you’ll be redirected to the "submit" order page. You can even place order via WhatsApp, skype messenger and it’s a 24/7 service.

How to contact Xpertsolver team directly?

You can contact us directly via landline, email*, WhatsApp or skype messenger. The details are given at the top of our home screen.

*Please note that you can only contact us through email while your task is being done. Click the corresponding task in your message box and type your message to send it to us.

What are the payment methods supported by Xpertsolver?

We currently offer direct Bnak transfer, PayPal and online transfer modes of payment. However, if you are unable to pay by these methods online or prefer other methods of payment, feel free to contact us. We will provide an alternative payment system for you.

How do I review the progress or status of my order?

Simply click on the sign in button and enter the email ID and password which you entered while completing the form. You will be redirected to your inbox where you can see all of your current orders as well as a history of all your previously completed orders. Click the corresponding order and you will see the status and details of your order.

Do you remotelly set up projects?

Yes, we have a special dedicated team who are fully responsible for setting up your order in pc or laptop according to your required workplace [Home/Lab]. If your order contains some simulations or computer based work, we will install necessary software in your PC and show you within running simulation through a remote desktop service. Please see our - Price Page for more details.

Do you do multi copies for one Order?

Yes, we do multi copies for one single order and you don’t have to place multi order for each copy. Please mention the number of copies you need in “special requirement” section on the order form and our project analyst team will assign each copy to a different expert. After receiving solution for each copy, we like our client to compare solutions with each other by themselves.

Do you charge for understanding code base order?

A concise overview of the task and approach to the solution will be provided on the client’s request. The service will be provided with extra charges, if the client requires a detailed and step-by-step understanding of the assignment or code, our expert will provide live tutoring to the client. The charge can be set upon discussion.

What if I’m not satisfied with the work?

If you are not satisfied, we’ll get it modified or redone according to your requirements in minimum time. If you don’t like the expert, you may even ask us to get it edited from another expert. In the highly unlikely event that the work is still not up to the mark, you will get a complete refund.

Will you compensate if you fail to provide solution within commitment date?

With our efficient system and response service, we make sure to get your work delivered to you within our commitment date. We ensure that your work gets done within the set deadlines but if we fail to provide solution within commitment date and time, you willreceive 100% compensation from us and get free solution for your next order.

How will I get refund if I’m not satisfied?

We understand your needs. There is rare chance of you being unsatisfied by our services, but if our expert fails to fulfil your requirements, you will get a complete refund within three days after verification from our Quality Assurance Team. The refund will be done via your preferred mode of payment. please mail - Refund@xpertsolver.com with your order number or message us from your unsatisfied order and preferred method to pay you.